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HTC Titan 2 Cases & Pouches

HTC Titan 2 CasePhone cases in the recent years have received a very huge attention. When we have those phones that never possessed the functions that the smart phones now come with, little or no attention was paid to the issue of the phone cases, but with the advent of the smart phones and all that they come with. We now see a very big necessity for these precious gadgets to be protected with a lot of cases. For a phone that gives you the array of functions you get from the smart phone especially the HTC Titan 2, you need to make sure you reciprocate by protecting the phone itself with a lot of cases. These cases are designed to fit well into the external body of the phones to give it good protection from a lot of factors that are detrimental to the live of the phone. When you want to choose a HTC Titan 2 case and indeed the cases to use for the protection of other smart phones, there are two different types of cases and they are the leather cases and the silicon cases. However these two types of cases have their differences and similarities. The first of the differences that we can notice in the HTC Titan 2 case that is designed with leather and the one that is designed with silicon is that the leather cases are normally costlier than the silicon cases. This means that you can always get a silicon case of the same function with the leather case much affordable than the leather case. Though both the leather and silicon cases are part of the HTC Titan 2 accessories. Another very important difference between the two is that since it is very obvious that you can not get transparent leather, whenever you make use of the leather case, then you know you are completely covering your phone. They can never be used as the screen protectors because the leather cases are very opaque and too strong for the function in question. While on the case of the silicon cases, they are very thin and unnoticed sometimes giving room for a full view of the phone. They are used in designing the screen protectors. The silicon case also has the firmer grip on the phone more than the leather case which is normally loose to the extent that the phone can sometimes slip away from it. Both the leather case and the silicon case on their own are very protective of the phone and are all anti scratch. They can give good protection to your phone when it slips and falls to the ground. One other difference is that the leather HTC Titan 2 case which is one of the most needed of the phone accessories is designed to make use of a clip positioned at the back of the HTC Titan 2 battery so that you can clip it to your belt or pocket. But this clip is designed with a button that contains metal. This metal always interferes with the network reception of most of the phones in question. But in the case of the silicon case, when those things are necessary, they are designed with a stronger plastic which has no interference with your phone.

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