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HTC Titan 2 Screen Protectors

HTC Titan 2 Screen ProtectorThere are a lot or brands of each particular product or external enhancements that can easily be used in every smart phone out there. In fact a lot of people have seen themselves being thrown into confusion on which of these to pick and the ones to abandon. This is why it is necessary most times to get you acquainted with the workings and features of some of these particular accessories so that you will then know the ones to choose. Now, one thing that is very obvious as it concerns the issue of the screen protectors for your smart phone is that you can never avoid using one. The phone in question is very touch in its specification, and as such almost all the functions are carried out by pressing the fingers on the screen of the phone. Due to this, your phone is always exposed to some form of scratches or the other. The two most used of the HTC Titan 2 screen protectors presently are the clear LCD screen protector and the privacy screen protector. The clear LCD screen protector as its name implies is very clear in essence. It is made of very durable, transparent and very invisible film that you can easily use on the screen of your phone without any body seeing it. It is very smooth when used on your phone alongside other HTC Titan 2 accessories. It is so smooth and thin and made from a sort of glossy material that allows you easy slide of the hands across the screen of your phone to affect any functions with much ease. The next very good advantage of the clear LCD HTC Titan 2 screen protector is that it is specifically designed to allow for clearer and sharper color enhanced view of the LCD screen of your phone. In as much as it is a screen protector, its function is so much hinged on giving you the best view as it concerns clarity and color. But some of its disadvantages are that it still accommodates marks and fingerprints easily and also not good in the reduction of reflections from external light to the screen of your phone. Another which is as important to your phone as the HTC Titan 2 case is the privacy screen protectors and as its name implies, it just succeeds in giving your phone some privacy by making sure that all viewing from sides and even behind you never sees anything from the screen of your phone. They are also good at blocking a huge amount of the UV rays that might try to get at your phones. Your privacy is good with these screen protector specifications. But they are not as clear in color as the former and do not give you smooth slide like them. The bottom line is that the clear LCD HTC Titan 2 screen protector is made for ease and clarity in operation, while the privacy screen protector is made for protection and privacy.

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